Saturday, January 16, 2016


NOW IT CAN BE TOLD..........Back in 2013 our award winning late night talk show's production went cold turkey after ten year of production. Many have asked me what happened??? Ok here is the story! Prior to our debut in May of 2003 I was in a financial crunch & needed to borrow seed money off of my Co-Host Col. Montana (who is shall we say "CONNECTED") At the advice of my former agents The Birdson Brothers, I gave Col. Montana "Power Of Attorney" for the show. Things went perfect for almost ten years.

   January 2013, Col. Montana's weight ballooned close to 400 pounds & he went to see a Weight Loss Hypnotist (who was also a crooked bookie on the side) Using the power of hypnosis he convinced The Col. to place bets on everything from sporting events to even betting on Pro Wrestling matches! Around this time we were scheduled to start construction of a new set for our 10th Anniversary.

       I told The Col. that we would need to go into the show's bank account to get things moving when I discovered that we had almost nothing left. I was devastated!!! There was nothing I could do. I tried to get a loan from the bank, but with Col. Montana's connection to the "GoodFellas" they would not give me a cent. During this time I started to see a shrink & became addicted to anti-depressants and thought my career was over. That was until November 5th 2013 when my 101 year old Grandmother passed away and left me a substantial inheritance.

      My current Agent/Attorney Johnny Fabulous negotiated the deal with my late Grandmother's lawyers to get me my inheritance by the start of 2014. I was on cloud nine, that was until my X-Wife Maria entered the picture! Yes, I was married back in 1995. My marriage to Maria lasted only 88 days. We got the marriage dissolved (or so I thought) I met Maria in Reno, NV (she was a back up singer for an 80's cover band) I was young, stupid & broke. I never had her sign a prenup agreement. So when she found out about my Grandmother passing away her Gold Digging attorneys tracked me down. It turned out that our marriage was dissolved but there was some old Nevada law that stated that because we were married in that state she was still entitled to something. Long story short, Johnny Fabulous has been working on this nightmare for almost two years & we are close to a conclusion. I can't give away all the details...but it looks like we maybe going back into production sometime soon. So as we say in the business.......STAY TUNED!!!!!  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I interview one of the biggest movie stars in any galaxy... R2D2. The Star of the all the STAR WARS movies. In this interview R2 has a run in with former WWE Champion The Iron Sheik. This is a must listen.

Monday, February 9, 2015


There is another delay on the start of construction of our new set. Our show's Producers, SABS & FABS (Sabrina aka SABS & Johnny Fabulous aka FABS) are not in agreement. It appears that SABS is not happy with the way the set is designed & is adding her own touches to the current designs. Johnny Fabs is not pleased with the new "Additions" So that is the reason for this latest delay! STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Enjoy our 1st Podcast of 2015. We chat about the movies of 1985 & give our predictions for the upcoming year!

Monday, December 15, 2014


The biggest event of our year was our annual BBQ EAT OFF. This year it was the BIG rematch between Col. Bull Montana & Vinnie Capelli. Last year Vinnie cheated to win the title. Well this year we had even more controversy when the special guest Referee "Captain Jack" tampered with Vinnie. After the fiasco Johnny Fabulous made his decision that the BBQ title would be held up til the 2015 Eat Off.

                                            Group shot just before the EAT OFF.

                                 Johnny Fabulous declares the BBQ Title held up.